My appetite for modern digital marketing and experience brought me to found Fetch & Funnel. I’ve run successful campaigns for nearly every type of business imaginable, it’ll make your head spin! My digital consulting experience spans across some of the largest brands in the world down to pre-launch planning for tomorrow’s big names. Every business is different, and success comes from the creation of a unique strategy.

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I’m a Digital Growth Marketer

Demand Generation + Inbound Marketing + Rapid Experimentation

We’ve recently seen a paradigm shift in modern marketing. Demand Generation was once hailed as the defacto modern approach to driving revenue through outbound marketing. Maybe half a decade ago a transformation took place and Inbound Marketing was born, utilizing content generation as a way to efficiently drive demand at a lower cost.

Last year saw another monumental shift take place. It’s often referred to as growth marketing, and most businesses still don’t have a clue what it means. Growth Marketing is what I do and what my company, Fetch & Funnel refers to as the next generation of modern demand generation. Fundamentally, it utilizes both methods and combines controlled (rapid) experimentation as a powerful way to achieve high initial traction and long-term growth.


I founded Fetch & Funnel so I would love going to “work” every day. We help businesses with digital acquisition and growth marketing.  My latest obsession is with chatbots! Digital marketing aside, my obsessions include biking, traveling, taking my car to the track, spending time outdoors, and looking for my next adventure.


Don’t Forget to Share Your Customer Stories

Sharing customer stories can be an effective means of marketing your business in a number of ways. Reviews and testimonials are amongst the most credible forms of marketing because customer stories come from real people and real experiences. So too are case studies – more detailed stories written by clients who have used your products …

Creating Engaging Content That Readers Will Be Eager to Share

Writing engaging content is easier than you think, provided that you follow a few simple rules. In this way, you will be creating exactly the kind of content your target audience will be eager to share – for more traffic, subscribers, sales and engagement. 1. Focus on a Single Topic Your content should be focused, …