Facebook PPC – What Works, What Doesn’t Work, What’s Profitable

Facebook is one of the largest additions to the advertising giants of the world. Yet many internet marketers still haven’t made the most of what this platform has to offer. The reality is, most people are so used to the PPC model that they haven’t quite gotten their minds around how Facebook works just yet. Advertising on Facebook, though it’s charged by PPC, is really a completely different ballgame.

Understanding Facebook PPC shouldn’t be understood based on a “what’s different from AdWords” framework. Instead, it should be learned from the ground up. The psychology that goes into it is completely different, as are the methodologies you need to succeed.

Understanding Interruption Marketing

The most important point to understand about Facebook PPC is that you’re doing interruption marketing, not permission marketing.

With AdWords, you’re presenting people looking for a service with a solution. For example, someone types in “Cheap Web Hosting” and you advertise your hosting services. Your CTR’s going to be high, because people are looking for you.

With Facebook, you don’t get to target people who’re looking for you. You only get to target people who’re likely interested in what you have to offer – And you have to interrupt them as they’re browsing friends’ profiles, posting updates or uploading photos.

Targeting on Facebook

Facebook ads targeting works based on two primary factors: Demographics and keywords.

First, you absolutely need to know your demographics. If you don’t,

Facebook can be a very expensive place to test it. If you have other advertising alternatives, you should probably try those first and get a good sense of your audience before you spend money on Facebook.

Keywords can help you really narrow down a large audience. For example, if you’re advertising an online game, you could easily target people who’ve listed “gaming,” “Starcraft” and “League of Legends” as interests. You could also narrow your demographics to 18 to 28 males. Though there are definitely females who play online games, your ROI is going to be much higher with males.

To succeed on Facebook, you want to start with tight targeting.

Then once you’ve proven profitability, expand your targeting while broadening your reach. Your ROI will decrease, but volume will increase. Keep expanding until the ROI drops to a point where it’s not acceptable.

Creating an Ad That Catches Attention

In AdWords, the most important thing on your ad is your headline.

On Facebook, your headline scarcely matters.

What needs to catch attention on Facebook is your image. Your image needs to jump out and grab attention. Unusual images like babies with four eyes, optical illusions, IQ tests, beautiful girls and other such shocking images have done very well on Facebook because they interrupt people and get them to pay attention.

Your text just needs to play an informative role. Use the image to catch attention, then use the text to tell them what they’ll get by clicking.

If you combine a great image with stellar targeting, you’re likely to have a high CTR campaign on your hands. If you have a solid sales funnel and you split test well, you have a very good chance of landing yourself a very profitable campaign.

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